Sunday, April 5, 2009

I belive that every society has several special stereotype. Some of this stereotype might be good and some of them might no. We live now in small village , I mean the world became small village. I found it is hard now to say some of these stereotype special for this society or that. Those contries who have a strong media can be show thier cultures to another it does not mateer what they show. This shows maybe by the programs or songs or movies, some of these audience influenced by these media. What happened in my country some teens trend to copycat some of unfamiliar stereotype for our society. One of this stereotype is copying from some african american singers in US. Teens try to copycat african american singer in their clothes, talk, walk, and dance. These teens like some singer such as 50cents, 2Pak, Snoop Duke. These teens frequently present in the final hours of the night. Usualy they stops their cars beside the pavement to stand out their cars to talk. Sometimes they registrar shall hold dance, but usually it does not hapen in main streets because they are scared to be catch by police officer. They like some kind of music and they try to sing it with arabic word such as Rab, and jaz. They have their own way to think. They do not have goal in this life. They believe this life just for fun. They have special clothes, and they have special haircut. They have special kind of cars and these its have special colour. such as Hummer, classic sports car and its colour is pink. We believe that is stranger stereotype for our society, but some teens do it. I do not have picture for them, but i will show you picture for their heroes.

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Anna said...

Very interesting. It sounds like "kids will be kids" everywhere in the world.