Sunday, April 5, 2009

I belive that every society has several special stereotype. Some of this stereotype might be good and some of them might no. We live now in small village , I mean the world became small village. I found it is hard now to say some of these stereotype special for this society or that. Those contries who have a strong media can be show thier cultures to another it does not mateer what they show. This shows maybe by the programs or songs or movies, some of these audience influenced by these media. What happened in my country some teens trend to copycat some of unfamiliar stereotype for our society. One of this stereotype is copying from some african american singers in US. Teens try to copycat african american singer in their clothes, talk, walk, and dance. These teens like some singer such as 50cents, 2Pak, Snoop Duke. These teens frequently present in the final hours of the night. Usualy they stops their cars beside the pavement to stand out their cars to talk. Sometimes they registrar shall hold dance, but usually it does not hapen in main streets because they are scared to be catch by police officer. They like some kind of music and they try to sing it with arabic word such as Rab, and jaz. They have their own way to think. They do not have goal in this life. They believe this life just for fun. They have special clothes, and they have special haircut. They have special kind of cars and these its have special colour. such as Hummer, classic sports car and its colour is pink. We believe that is stranger stereotype for our society, but some teens do it. I do not have picture for them, but i will show you picture for their heroes.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Saudi Flag

Every country has a flag, but what is the meaning for this flag in their culture or what is the meaning for the others. Now I want to talk about my country flag. My country is Saudi Arabia, and I attach my country flag to see what I am talking about. The first standard was before thousand and four hundred years. Standard was for Islamic country in Nagd and Alhegaz. This flag was a white and there phrase in the middle. This phrase was said God is the biggest. In 1744, this flag change to become green and they change the phrase to crescent in the middle. The first Saudi flag designed in 1902 when King Abdulaziz unified the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They keep the last flag but they change the crescent to the swords. After few years they add phrase to the flag. Saudi flag change five times during the hundred years. The last change was when King Abdulaziz bid Hafed Wahba to design the new flag in Mar 15 1973. The current flag is similar to the old one, and there is Arabic phrase and sword in all of them. Saudi flag is rectangular form is introduced by two-thirds of its length. Green color for the flag and this color point to well-being, but the sword and the words painted in white color. The phrase says there is just one God in this world, and I bear witness that Mohammad the god's messenger. Sword designate the Force whiles the certificate to show the Islamic rule of the country. Because of the phrase Saudi flag is the only flag that cannot strike it or downloaded to the force in half the cases of international mourning ceremonies. Saudi Flag cannot use in T-shirt or unclean places like bathroom that why they design other flag to use. There is another design without the phrase to use in Sports events, or in other places. I hope the picture is clean now, and I hope you enjoy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Journal Question #5

I do not know what happened to me in last tow month, I get nervous very quickly. I perceive that and try to control it. I thought it just small case take a while than i can get over it, but i was wrong because i still suffer from it. What make it hard to me that the last five weeks i was studying and write about this subject. Also, when i read i try to learn some techniques to help me get over this problem but i could not. Moreover, i become more nervous because you ask me now to write about it, when some thing happened to me i will sue you (just joke). I want to talk about the first time i get rally nervous in my life, that when i went to do my first interview to get the first job. Firstly, i went there with the self-confident because i know that this job for me. Receptionist came to me and he asked me to come with them. I went with him at the time that i walk i feel something happened to me such as, i could not feel my legs, i could not see, i feel cold, and my heart beat very quickly. The receptionist men felt about what happened to me that make him to stop. He told me what happened to is normal and that happened to him when he did his interview. He asked me if i want to set down until i go down. I told him i am good and i am ready to the interview. Secondly, when i arrived to the interview place i become more nervous. There was five people , they asked me some question. I was very nervous that i could not hold my feelings. when i finished my interview i was very anxious. I drove to my home unconscious that i do not know how i arrived. I get the job and i become the manager of my team, but i still get nervous. This nervous becoming more serious and effect my life. Finally, if you have any solution, please do not deprive me and tell me about it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I like to express my love to the person i love in my special way. I've prepared prior to the present day. I bought a total of red roses and a gift value for sweetie. Also, we went to a nice restaurant. After that we went to watch movie on the theater. After the movie, we went to the nice coffeehouse. Then we go home. I love this person so much. If i can give him my life i will do. We enjoy very much. It is the first valentine`s day i have never had.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Customs and traditions of Saudi Arabia

Each community has customs and traditions? What do you know about customs and traditions of Saudi society? I would mention that the customs and traditions of Saudi Arabia is derived from the Islamic religion. I want describe some of those customs and traditional. First, every person in this community learns to be decent and honest. This should be your methods in all things of life. For example, in the house, on the street, at the work, and everywhere. Also, that he should have loyalty to religion and the homeland. Respect the older is the most important traditions in this community. Finally, one of the important things in this community is that each member in this family complements each other. That family cohesion is important.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prophet Mohammed

Prophet Mohammed has had the most influence in my life. He is the great man I hear and I read about . This man changed our life when God sent him for humanity. This man had a lot of things in his life that made him the best person in this life. I hope I can write something to explain to the readers how this prophet changes this life. He was born without a father, and after that his mother died. Then his grandfather took him to take care of him. Then his grandfather died,and after that his uncle took him. Everybody knows he is a characteristic man. God sent his message to this man to tell him that we have chosen you to start these new religions and to become the new prophet for us. He was afraid,and he was not believed by anyone except friend of his and his wife. When he told people about this religion, they said to him, "you are crazy and a magician". They beat him but he did not care about anything. He connects what he started. He went to another city to start publicizied his religion. When he became strong he went to his city to see those people who dismissed him. What do you think he did for them? Nothing. This man still after he died, changed a lot of people. What I want to say is that a lot of people change their religion after they read about him and about his religion. This man is grandiose.

Thursday, September 18, 2008